The Florida Keys are the most popular dive destination in the world! The coral reefs of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary are home to the world's third largest barrier reef.

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INNER REEFS - 3 ft. to 30 ft. depth. The inner coral reefs are a thrill to snorkelers and scuba divers alike! These extensive reefs are abundant in coral and marine life, with lost of available light and maximum dive time. All coral reef dives are two locations. Be sure to bring your camera!

OUTER REEFS - 35 ft. to 45 ft. depth. The outer bar provides a slightly deeper dive on beautiful coral formations. These reefs offer some of the nicest corals, gorgonians and larger fish found in the Florida Keys.

NIGHT DIVES - 25 to 30 ft. depth. We offer one tank night dives on the Coral reefs surrounding Key West. Let us introduce you to the joys of night diving, witness the coral polyps feeding, parrot fish sleeping and crabs and lobsters moving freely on the ocean floor. Our staff will be available in the water to guide and assist you.



JOE'S TUG - 60 to 75 ft. depth. We affectionately call this vessel our “wreck of a wreck” ! The hurricanes have had their way with her! Large sections of the wreck are nestled in and around soft and hard corals. It is home to some friendly eels and inquisitive fish. Your 2nd dive is on a shallow reef.

CAYMAN SALVAGE MASTER - 90 to 95 ft. depth. This wreck is a 180 foot long, steel hulled buoy tender that was sunk in 1985. The CAYMAN is your best opportunity to interact with goliath groupers (large jewfish) and moray eels. The staff supervised dive is generally on the deck, where all the marine life action takes place. Your second dive is to one of our less traveled shallow reef sites.

VANDENBERG95 TO 100 ft. depth to the deck.  This world class wreck is over 520 ft. in length.  It is the largest most accessible artificial reef and sits in 145 ft. of water.  This World War II troop transport also served as a missile tracker during the cold war.  Her signature giant radar dishes were used to track the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo capsules.  Our guided dive on the deck will lead you in exploration of its unique super structure, radar dishes, bridge, com-rooms and crown nest on an air profile.  May 2012 marks her 3rd yr. on the bottom and she continues to attract an ever increasing variety of marine life.